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An accomplished sustainability consultant with global firms for 15 years, including almost a decade with Arup, adding value to infrastructure and development projects by designing and implementing sustainability and stakeholder engagement tools.


With the University of Queensland for four years as lecturer and tutor in social impact assessment and community engagement.


As Executive Director with the Green Building Council of Australia for almost four years working with government and industry to develop a sustainable communities framework for Australia, and one of the worlds most comprehensive rating tools for the planning, design and construction of urban redevelopment projects.


As Director of Innovation at EcoDistricts in Portland Oregon, chief architect of a global standard for sustainable urban regeneration, while working with cities across North America to revitalise their neighborhoods and districts using engagement, governance, assessment and project delivery best practices.


As the Founding Executive Director for Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, played a catalytic role in building a movement that embraces technology, data and intelligent design as an accelerator to sustainability outcomes in cities and towns.

As Head of Digital Urbanism at ENE.HUB (an Australian Super owned company), working at the intersection of government policy, infrastructure deployment and product design to accelerate data-inspired places.


Adam is an advisor in urban innovation and is available for contract work.


He can be contacted at:

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